Ann Cherry Women’s 2021 Classic waist trainer’s quality, reasonable price range and positive feedbacks from customers are the main reasons the product is one of our top list of the best waist trainers currently in the market. Here is a more extensive, but short review of the product.
I.    Features
a.    Overall materials are a combination of high-quality latex, cotton, spandex and polyamide.
b.    Outer layer is made from sturdy latex
c.    Ultra-high compression inner layer is made from soft cotton fabric
d.    Higher rise
e.    Hook and eye clasps
f.    Elastane boning

II.    Pros and Cons
a.    It helps you lose weight in the midsection, causing you to lose a couple of inches.
b.    It’s comfortable to wear with the soft cotton fabric in its inner layer.
c.    The elastane boning ensures it stays intact, without hindering the movement of the middle part of your body.
d.    It helps you in maintaining a good body posture.
e.    It completely squeezes and hides bulges.
f.    It has a competitive price tag.
g.    The latex material gives away its classic appearance and amazing touch.

a.    Like other waist trainers, women always complain about them not fitting properly. Make sure to measure your waist properly and pick the right sizes on the chart. If you pick the wrong size, it will either give you major discomfort for being too tight or it won’t work for being too loose.
b.    Since it is a product made out of latex material, it will definitely smell.
c.    It advertises itself as a waist trainer, but it’s actually a waist cincher. It still works as a great waist shaper.


The Ann Chery Women’s 2021 Classic waist trainer is not a bad buy for women who simply do not have time to work out or who are just lazy to do so. If you’re not satisfied with this short but extensive review, there are other reviews you can find online for further references.

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